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The early part of 2000, the Lord started showing me and speaking to me about a group of people, a remnant that He was calling forth. This remnant would gain a greater understanding of our authority and power in Christ Jesus. They would begin to walk in that authority and power and it would be a light to the world. This light would not only draw the unsaved to Jesus but would serve as a contrast between what man has called the church and what God calls the church. Many that are held in bondage to man’s religion will see the light and liberty that this remnant will walk in and will break free to run back to their first love. Much of the calling of this remnant is to turn the hearts of the children back to the father. The remnant will not only teach on the Father’s extravagant love but will demonstrate it. They will minister as ones with both authority and power.

I realize that many are prophesying this now, and this seems a little after the fact. This however, is not my reason for writing. For over ten years I have been waiting to see the manifestation of this group. Waiting for the time appointed by God to bring this remnant forth. Seeking God and praying, trying to rid myself of anything that would keep me from stepping into my calling. Waiting for the “sign” or the timing. Then about 6 months ago God started in various ways showing me that while I, and many others, have been “preparing” for this time, we allowed it to pass us by. He showed me that I had basically wasted the last ten years of my life. Now He did it slow, because this was extremely hard for me to take. But it was necessary.

Just like when He had to speak to me in an audible voice in 1998, calling me to serve Him, because I had ignored the gentle callings for years. He is now dealing with me because I missed it before and He doesn’t want me to miss it again. Years ago when He was instructing me about the remnant and His sons beginning to manifest, it wasn’t a teaching but a call to action. To step out and believe Him for what He was promising and for what Jesus had done. Not part way, but in every way. I taught this message, declared it, and prayed to see God bring it into being. I did everything that religion tells you to do, but I failed to put action to my words. In the same way, He is declaring His desires through words given by many different people. This isn’t just a declaration of what He wants to occur, it is a call to action. We must not miss this, and if we don’t step out and start acting like the sons of God we are called to be we will miss it. Not that the call and desires of God will be revoked, but our sensitivity to the calling and to the spirit will be dulled. Now is the time for action. Let’s not sit around having meetings and gatherings just declaring what God’s will is, let us put action to God’s will. Let’s not just be hearers of the word, but doers also.

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