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Positional Authority

I realize that for some this will be hard to receive and that others will all together reject what I’m writing; but if you open your mind and allow the Holy Spirit to confirm it, you will see the truth just as I have. It is never easy when you are confronted with the realization that what you have believed for years, and even devoted your life to is wrong. But if we are honest with ourselves and earnestly seek out the instruction of the Holy Spirit; not allowing our personal theology and mindsets to blind us, He will reveal the truth first to us and then in us. As I recently saw in a vision, we must all step into the fire of the revelation of His love. The revelation of what Jesus accomplished through His stripes, crucifixion, and resurrection. We must renew our minds with the truth of scripture, casting down all mindsets of theology and traditions that exalt themselves above the reality which is in Christ Jesus.

Over 12 years ago the Lord, through visitation, prophetic words, dreams, and visions, and in His word, showed me how His children will be in the last days. I saw a people walking in a level of understanding, power, authority, and a trust in Him that has not been seen on this earth since Adam. At that time I decided to devote myself to allowing the Holy Spirit to teach me so that I could be one of those I was seeing. Even though I was having tremendous experiences with the Lord I was very immature in spiritual matters. Everyone I knew was telling me I needed to serve under someone and allow them to teach me the ways of God. The Holy Spirit was daily telling me that He would teach me all things and lead me into all truth. But because of my immaturity I submitted to the instruction of others whom I believed had a greater understanding of the gifts, and who were more seasoned than I. Even though it is wisdom to seek council and to surround yourself with those you trust to be accountable to and learn from, that should never supersede or take the place of the instruction of the Holy Spirit. Because of that decision, my vision for what God wanted to do with me and in me was lost to the theological beliefs and mindsets of those around me; most who had beliefs in many ways contrary to what the Holy Spirit had taught me. Because of that decision I lost 10 years of walking with God the way He wanted me to, and it nearly cost me the relationship with Him I’m called to walk in. Approximately 18 months ago the Lord started gently reminding me of the precious times we used to have and how much He missed them. I have once again started fanning the flame of passion for Him, and during this time He is bringing back all that He showed me. Here is a brief glimpse of some of the truth He has shown me.

When Jesus came to earth it was not just to reconcile man back to God. That was just the way to get us to His true goal. God has always desired to have children that choose to love Him and that would administrate His kingdom into this earth. Jesus did not come to show us what God can do on this earth; but what man, filled with the Spirit of God, can do on this earth. He desires to have children that will subdue and have dominion on this earth; to bring the Kingdom of Heaven into this world. To be the gods of this world. (King of Kings and Lord of Lords) We are one spirit with Him (1Cor. 6:17) and as He is so are we in this age! (1Jn. 4:17) If you are a child of God then you are presently sitting at the right hand of the Father in Christ Jesus.  We are sitting in that position will all the power and authority of He who sits on the throne. Our Father, who has absolute power, chose to relinquish that power in this earth and give it to man. When God rested on the seventh day He was finished with all His creation on this earth. Anything that has been created after Adam was given authority has been created by man. God placed the spirit of life in man and now we have the ability to create true spirit life. We choose if we will create a child (body, soul, spirit), and by our actions life is created. Animal can create a living being, but not a being with a soul and a spirit. God created man in His image and we can create in that same image. Do you realize that God even required man to create Jesus’ body? Now as a spirit Jesus is without beginning, but His body had to be created; and God gave that power to man. And since Jesus would be born of a virgin, man would have to create that body in a different way. So God, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, had man speak out (prophesy) everything Jesus would be and do. Then when all was spoken an angel appeared to Mary and then every prophetic utterance concerning Jesus was gathered together and place into Mary with the Holy Spirit brooding over her. Then the Word became flesh. Just as God spoke all things into existence, so He had man speak Jesus’ body into existence so that the Word would become flesh and dwell among us. Are you starting to understand the authority He has given us through Jesus? And with authority comes responsibility. In John 17 Jesus says that He has given us the glory that the Father gave Him. He not only shares His glory with man, He gave man His glory, now we must use it to glorify HIM.

So how do we glorify Jesus? It is real easy, Jesus told us what to do in John 20:23 and Mark 16:15-18. In John He states that as the Father sent Him, so He is sending us. And in Mark He says:

5 And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. 16 He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned. 17 And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; 18 they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

He never told us to sit around and pray that He would change the situation we are in. He never told us to pray and ask Him to set our neighbor free. He told us to go and use the authority and power He gave to us. We are to speak to the situation and demand it change, or break the power over our neighbor with the word of God. We are to heal the sick, not wait on Him to do it. We are to set the captives free, not sit around fasting and begging God to do what He has given us the power and authority to do. The reality is that everything is already done through the stripes, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus. He has already done it; we’ve just got to walk it out, to enforce it. To ask God to please heal someone, when He has already healed them makes no sense. We should go lay hands on them and know that they will recover. It’s not God’s unwillingness to heal; it’s our unbelief and religious traditions that keep people sick and hurt. It’s easy to blame God for someone not being healed when in reality it’s our fault. I realize that may sound harsh, but He told us to heal the sick, not pray and ask Him to heal them. He has already done it; will you step out and believe? We are not waiting on God to release a healing power. He released it over 2,000 years ago when by His stripes we were healed. Again we just enforce it.

    So if you are waiting on some special anointing or for God to pour out His glory so that you can see miracles or revival– STOP! Step out and allow the glory He poured out into you to invade this earth. Allow the rivers of His glory to flow out of your belly and declare that the kingdom of God is at hand. Then heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead!

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  1. Marilyn Loftus said:

    This is Truth! Too many people think they have to go get the pastor, evangelist, etc. to lay hands on the sick or cast out demons. They are supposed to be teaching US to do this work of JESUS’ ministry. The idea of “coming under authority” is one of the reason revival tarries, in my opinion.

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