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Am I Holy Because I live a Holy Life?

I’ve had people ask me why I have such strong feelings and a no compromise attitude when it comes to the doctrine of holiness. But if you understand where I’ve been then you’ll understand why.

In 1998 when I heard the audible voice of God calling me to serve Him, it radically transformed my life in an instant. His love took such hold of me that I would pray and spend at least 8-10 hours a day in His presence, many times not even eating just because His love had captured me. Then as the months passed by, I met other “charismatics” that started telling me about “paying the price” to see the power of God move in my life. Saying that through the ridding myselff of everything not of God and living a life of holiness, God’s power could then flow in my life. I then continued to pray for 8-10 hours a day, fasting at least 3-4 days every week and many times 10-14 days once to twice monthly to get more of God’s power in my life. I dedicated my life to scripture and the presence of God, but gradually, even though I was spending all this time with God, the intimacy I had experienced in the beginning began to fade. Even the supernatural experiences began to occur less often. I struggled to try and find out why, after all, I was spending time with God and living a more holy life than most could imagine. I searched and searched trying to find the spot or blemish in my life that was limiting the power of God from manifesting. I even explored generational curses that my ancestors brought about that could be limiting the flow of the power of God in my life. Then gradually and lovingly Daddy showed me where the problem was. It wasn’t sin, it wasn’t a curse, it was my righteousness.

But we are all like an unclean thing, And all our righteousnesses are like filthy rags; (Isaiah 64:6)

It all started with spending time with Daddy because of love, allowing Him to father me and spending enormous amounts of time with Him because I wanted to be with my Daddy. The power flowed in my life 24/7 and everything was easy. Then everything began to change as I began “paying a price”, trying to get what He had already given me. Daddy then revealed to me that my righteousness is by the sacrifice of Jesus and that alone. I can’t add anything to it and if I try to gain righteousness, favor, power, or anything else in my life by acting Holy, then that lifestyle is like filthy rags to God,; basically I was saying that Jesus’ sacrifice wasn’t enough. I was declaring that I must add to the sacrifice, and that belief system is Anti-Christ.

It is because of him that you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God–that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption. (1Cor. 1:30)

I’ve learned the hard way, Jesus alone is my wisdom, righteousness and holiness. He made me righteous and holy and my actions have nothing to do with it. I am righteous and holy by faith in the finished work of the cross. It was that revelation that has allowed the power of God and supernatural experiences to once again start manifesting. It is that revelation that has caused me to fall more in love with Daddy and rest in His love instead of working for it.

A More Excellent Way

Glen Hartline

About 13 years ago I set out on a journey to see the power of God flow through me for miracles and to see the sick healed. And I can say that over the past years I have not been disappointed. Whether it is seeing deaf ears open, broken bones healed instantly, or someone getting a new heart; watching God touch His children never gets old. I must admit however, it wasn’t always this way. In the beginning I didn’t really see many instant miracles or healings, I really didn’t understand how this all worked. The only thing that was consistent was every time I stood before someone, and many times just looking at them, I would feel God’s love for them. It would be so intense at times I would just start crying as I felt how their pains and torments were hurting God. He is their Father and…

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Singleness of Vision

The cross, although it has become the symbol for our faith, was never intended by God to be the focus. The cross was one of the means by which God fulfilled His purpose; it was not the fulfillment of His purpose. Let me explain it this way.

When God created Adam He blew the Breath of life into him, basically God placed His Spirit in Adam and they became one. When Adam sinned Holy Spirit left, He no longer abided in man, the two were no longer one; and throughout history it has been God’s plan to reconcile himself back to us.

2Corinthians 5:19

19 that is, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not imputing their trespasses to them, and has committed to us the word of reconciliation.

The cross was the means God used to provide the way for us to once again be who/what we were created to be – man one with God. He in us and us in Him; the one new creation that looks like Jesus, and He is to be our focus. The purpose was once again for man/God to walk this earth in dominion, making it reflect the glory of Heaven. For this to occur we must adhere to a very important spiritual principle – That which you gaze upon is that which you become.

For us to become the salvation for this earth, the manifestation of the son’s of God, we must focus our sight on Jesus. As we keep our eyes on Him then we will be transformed into His image. If we continue to gaze at Him then we will be who we are created to be because as He is, so are we in this age. Then and only then will the whole earth see the glory of the Lord.


Power of God unto salvation

Power of God unto salvation

The Gospel of the Kingdom is the power of God for salvation. The word used here for power is the Greek word “dunamis”, the word we get dynamite from; and the Greek word for salvation is “soteria” which means welfare, prosperity, deliverance, preservation, salvation, and safety. The Gospel is the explosive power of God to keep you safe, prosper you, deliver you, protect you, and save you. Unfortunately for many, the Gospel has been reduced to a debate as to why you should say a prayer to go to Heaven.

I was out in the city one day with a friend teaching him how I minister healing to people on the street and shooting video for teaching purposes. A young couple sitting and talking on a bench caught my eye so I went over and introduced myself. We started talking about Jesus and it came up that people say that Jesus is Lord because the Bible says so, but what makes the Bible more reliable than other books such as the Koran. To them, just saying the Bible says so is a useless argument. I agreed with them and then said, “but if I could prove Jesus is Lord then that would be different.” They agreed. I then pointed to the guy and said, “you have back problems, and so if I can heal that problem in Jesus’ name and all the pain left, then that would prove Jesus is who the Bible said He was”. They both agreed. I then commanded his back to be healed; he said he felt movement in his back and immediately all the pain left.

The interesting thing is that both said they had prayed the salvation prayer at one time in their life. Someone had convinced them earlier in their lives that Jesus was Lord, but neither had ever personally encountered the Living God. Without this encounter, the decision to say the prayer is based on an intellectual argument, one that leads an individual to question the reality of their beliefs when confronted with another seemingly viable argument. But that day Jesus became real to them, no longer just a theological debate. That moment He became their living savior.

Here I am


Some months ago my son and I were in an Asian country just loving on people. Our last day there we decided to go to the market and make ourselves available to see what God could do. As we walked down the narrow dirt road with small “stores” on each side not many people were willing to talk to us Americans about anything other than their merchandise; so we decided to go behind the shops where the people lived.
As we turned the corner, behind one of the first shops an elderly lady caught my eye as I could see a joy and love hidden deep within her. I began talking to her she shared with me how she had received Jesus as Lord years ago but not long after there was a government change which resulted in the murder of almost all Christians, especially the leaders. Without guidance she adopted many of the practices of Buddhism forgetting the love of Jesus. As I talked with her reminding her of God’s love for her and how He did not resent her or hold anything against her, I noticed a young lady about 18 years old. I could see pain and torment in her eyes and my heart hurt for her. I found out she was the granddaughter of the lady I was speaking with so I asked if I could pray for her. As I approached her Holy Spirit told me she is being tormented in her dreams. As I told her what Holy Spirit said she was shocked and said that just a couple nights before a red dragon had come to her in her dreams and cursed her. Ever since she had intense pain in her abdomen. I told her that there is good news because Jesus was Lord and that dragon wasn’t. I commanded the pain to leave and instantly she was healed.
Immediately after that people started coming from all over. Blind eyes, the deaf, the lame, and the sick; one by one they came and Jesus healed every one of them. This went on until it was starting to get dark and our interpreter said we must leave.

The reason I’m writing this is our Heavenly Father is just looking for one of His children to make themselves available to demonstrate His love for all. I don’t have anything that every believer doesn’t have. We have Jesus. I hadn’t “prayed up” or fasted for an extended period of time. Actually we were tired from all the traveling. He is our hope of glory, and He desires you to just step out and allow His glory to be manifest to the entire world. Whatever you do don’t allow the enemy to convince you that you don’t have what it takes. YOU HAVE THE FULLNESS OF JESUS!

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