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Some months ago my son and I were in an Asian country just loving on people. Our last day there we decided to go to the market and make ourselves available to see what God could do. As we walked down the narrow dirt road with small “stores” on each side not many people were willing to talk to us Americans about anything other than their merchandise; so we decided to go behind the shops where the people lived.
As we turned the corner, behind one of the first shops an elderly lady caught my eye as I could see a joy and love hidden deep within her. I began talking to her she shared with me how she had received Jesus as Lord years ago but not long after there was a government change which resulted in the murder of almost all Christians, especially the leaders. Without guidance she adopted many of the practices of Buddhism forgetting the love of Jesus. As I talked with her reminding her of God’s love for her and how He did not resent her or hold anything against her, I noticed a young lady about 18 years old. I could see pain and torment in her eyes and my heart hurt for her. I found out she was the granddaughter of the lady I was speaking with so I asked if I could pray for her. As I approached her Holy Spirit told me she is being tormented in her dreams. As I told her what Holy Spirit said she was shocked and said that just a couple nights before a red dragon had come to her in her dreams and cursed her. Ever since she had intense pain in her abdomen. I told her that there is good news because Jesus was Lord and that dragon wasn’t. I commanded the pain to leave and instantly she was healed.
Immediately after that people started coming from all over. Blind eyes, the deaf, the lame, and the sick; one by one they came and Jesus healed every one of them. This went on until it was starting to get dark and our interpreter said we must leave.

The reason I’m writing this is our Heavenly Father is just looking for one of His children to make themselves available to demonstrate His love for all. I don’t have anything that every believer doesn’t have. We have Jesus. I hadn’t “prayed up” or fasted for an extended period of time. Actually we were tired from all the traveling. He is our hope of glory, and He desires you to just step out and allow His glory to be manifest to the entire world. Whatever you do don’t allow the enemy to convince you that you don’t have what it takes. YOU HAVE THE FULLNESS OF JESUS!

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