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Last night I went to a revival to support a few of my friends. These are people who love the Lord with all their heart and have a real desire to see their city and nation changed for God. They have experienced the goodness of God for themselves and desire to see the lives of others changed for the better. But we have been praying and doing revivals, asking God to move on our behalf for years with little or no results. Why do we believe if we keep doing the same thing over and over we will, all of the sudden, get a different result. Will we be able to twist God’s arm or convince Him to move on our behalf by the sheer volume and intensity of our prayers? As you have already guessed; I have a problem with the way things are being done. I do believe in prayer, but prayer done properly, and with authority. The bible never tells us to beg God and hope He delivers. It tells us that He loves us and desires to give us good things. God wants this country revived more than we do. It is not God that is holding back, it is us. He has given all authority and dominion to man. He expects us to administrate His will in this earth through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We will NEVER get revival by asking, we will only get revival by DOING. Revival is not a spirit, I AM REVIVAL and so are you if you will do what our Lord has commanded you to do. I’m tired of seeing people come to a meeting, get prayed for, and see them leave the same way they arrived. They are told to repent and they ask God to intervene in their lives and meet their need. They yell, holler, and shout that God is going to judge this country if we don’t repent. They tell people unless you repent you are under a curse. They’ve been saying these things for years and sin is more abundant, even in the church. That’s because they know they are sinners, even the unbelievers know that, but condemnation will never bring true repentance. It is the love of God that brings true repentance. Jesus paid the price for their sins, He became the curse for them, and by His stripes we were healed. That is the gospel. That is the good news. Sin is not a problem for God; His Son has already paid the price for all sin, and not only for those saved but for the sin of the whole world. Now I realize we must accept that payment, but it has already been paid. I understand we have to accept the healing, but we’ve already been healed. You can choose to live in sin and allow the devil to destroy your life but that doesn’t mean God is mad at you or is going to punish you or this country. We need to stop condemning people and this country and bring the good news of Jesus to them. Heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead. Show them Jesus loves them and that is what will bring true repentance and revival. Go out and BE REVIVAL!


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  1. Good News! Thank you!

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