One comment on “Penny For Your Thoughts

  1. Glen,loved how you wrote this article…..another aspect about pennies that is pretty close to your revelation involved a pastor of mine who came up to me one nite during worship/mini strewing is as follows…….he gently came up behind me and whispered in my ear……”jo you know every since I was a little boy, every time I saw a penny laying on the ground I would pick it up and to this day I still pick up pennies every time I find them…….do you know why I pick them up……not expecting where he was going with this, he quietly whispered again……..I pick them up because each penny adds value to the dollar. I went home that nite understanding that what he was also referring to is that in the Body of Christ we are all pennies, and that we each add value to the Body of Christ. Just some food for thought……it touched me in the deepest core of my being at a point in my life in which I really needed to understand my worth. Thanks for sharing!

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