It's all about Jesus


I grew up going to a denominational church. I was never taught about intimacy with God or even the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  I don’t believe I even knew there was a baptism other than being dunked in water.  God was definately not the center of my life.  That honor was given to my buisness and then my family.  Then one afternoon at the end of December 1998, without any forewarning, my life was changed in an instance.  The audible voice of God came into my room and knocked my to the floor.  He said, “this is your last chance, will you serve me?”.  With that question echoing in my head I looked up and said yes Lord, I will serve you.  From that point on an appetite for Him and His word consumed me.  He led me in scripture where it said Jesus will baptize you with the Spirit and with fire. I couldn’t understand what He was talking about and was not sure about tongues and the “Holy Spirit stuff”. But it was in scripture and it seemed like everytime I turned on the television or radio there was someone talking about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Then one day my wife said, “Glen, I really think there is something to this.”  So I went into my closet and got on my knees.  I remember like it was yesterday saying to the Lord, “God, I don’t understand any of this stuff.  But your word says that Jesus will baptize me with the Spirit and with fire. If this is really true, and I believe it is, then I receive it by faith.”  At that moment something like a bolt of power hit me in my chest and went into my belly, then something that felt like hot liquid started flowing from the top of my head and down to every part of my body.  My hands were hot and shaking, my body felt like it would explode with the power that was going off inside of me.  My love for Him grew to a level I couldn’t have previously imagined.  That feeling and His presence stayed with me for the next 8 – 9 months.  During that time I would pray and sit in His presence for 8- 10 hours a day.  I began having encounters with Him and visions.  It was during this time He began teaching me the truth of what it means to be His son.  It is this revelation that I strive for and desire to see others walk in.  Some have asked me if I’m called to “full time” ministry or what office I’m called to walk in.  I hope I can honestly say that neither of these matter to me.  My only desire is to see Jesus receive the honor He deserves and that I’m called to bring Him.  It’s not a ministry, it’s a way of life.

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