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The power of the word or word of the power

How many times do we speak the word of God into a situation and see nothing change? It can be extremely frustrating, causing us to question God’s will in a situation. My heart hurts as I recall the people I’ve talked to who have struggled with seeing the power of God manifest in their lives and their world around them. When nothing seems to be happening they usually respond in one of two ways.

  1. They give up, thinking that either God word doesn’t work or there is something wrong with them. Most people get frustrated and start looking for another answer.
  2. They become more fervent in their prayers. They beg and plead God to move, many times adding fasting or repentance trying to “activate” the power in the word.

God has been really impressing on me these past couple weeks that we need to change our perspective. Quit focusing on the words that we speak and start focusing on where those words come from. It’s not the power of the words, it’s the words of power. Let me explain it this way.

Scripture is valuable to know, knowing it and rightly dividing it gives us the guidance we need for our lives. Yes, even Jesus quoted scripture, but it wasn’t really what He said that stopped Satan’s temptation, it was who was saying it. He didn’t ask God to make Satan go away, He didn’t go through all sorts of rituals, He just spoke, and if He would have said, “ That’s a lie, be quiet!”, it would have been just as effective. You see, Jesus knew something we all need to get a greater revelation of. He knew He was God’s beloved son and that His Father was well pleased with Him.

ImageAs born again believers we too are beloved sons (both male and female) and God is very pleased with us. It has nothing to do with your actions, Jesus made you righteous and holy by the finished work of the cross, your Heavenly Father is pleased with you in the same way He is pleased with Jesus. As a matter-of-fact, He is so pleased with you that He has seated you at His right hand in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. That’s right, He seated you in a place of authority. And that gets us to the main point. It’s from that place of authority that we must speak. It really isn’t important what we say or the words used. What is important is having the revelation that it is spoken from that position of power and of having all authority. It’s from a position of the authority of all of Heaven and earth that gives the words power. When we speak from that position we don’t ask God to do it we demand the situation change and conform to the will of God. We should no longer ask God to do what He has given us authority to do and commanded us to do.

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