10 comments on “Fresh Revelation

  1. “I don’t give you new revelations so that you can immediately start teaching others; I give them to you so you can be transformed. If you neglect this purpose and go directly to teaching others, you will not be transformed into the image of Christ but be puffed up, proud of your new found understanding.”
    Wow. I know some people who need to hear this. I wonder how I can teach them?


  2. I actually struggled with that exact thought for two weeks. Eventually I wrote it out to help process it myself and then decided to go ahead and post it because my blog is more an area to share my thoughts and my heart than to teach others. The post is more a correction to me than a teaching and that’s why I decided to post.
    Thanks for the comment, you really picked up on my struggle with posting it!

    • I hope you don’t feel I was being in any way critical of you! This was MY reaction. It’s rather like the humility conundrum in C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters isn’t it? When you are proud of the fact that you are finally developing humility you just lost it again. Thank you so very much for sharing! Your (genuine) humility and candor make knowledge and correction palatable. Nummy, even.

      • Not at all! It was refreshing to see someone understanding the dilemma I was going through. Thank you for taking the time to read the blog and comment!

  3. I love that and what holyspirit told u was so right on I also learned that in the past as well and its vitally important and not as well known as it should be thank you for sharing it

    • Thank you for the post. It is so basic but so true. We don’t honor the revelation we receive many times from Holy Spirit. It’s a very subtle form of self pride isn’t it? That we can hear His voice, and the revelation we receive is for everyone else except the one who received it. I am convicted. Forgive me, Father. Judgment and revelation must first begin in the house of the LORD.

  4. I totally agree with your posting. Revelation is worthless as a means for teaching others unless this truth has been completely become light and established in the one that recieved it first.

  5. You know He told me the very same thing at one point. Sometimes what He is showing me is for me to absorb and grow from. How can I teach others till I learn more from His teaching. So I have learned to wait until He says I am to go and tell others. Of course not on everything, somethings are just simply meant to be shared.

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