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Fresh Revelation

Revelation – a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way.


Scripture tells us that Holy Spirit is our teacher. It says that He is the one that will lead us into all truth, (John 16:13) and even after 17 years of actively listening to His teaching there are still very few things in life that stimulates and energizes me more than receiving a new revelation from Him; even revelation that is corrective.

The old book.


A few weeks ago, the end of December 2014, Holy Spirit was teaching me about my relationship with Jesus; talking to me about the reality of my intimacy in Him and I was enthusiastically absorbing each and every word He was saying. Even though I was engaged in this newly realized revelation, my mind gradually started drifting off, beginning the process of trying to figure out how I could teach this new found revelation to others. As my mind darted back and forth through scriptures that would be appropriate to use in a teaching, Holy Spirit brought my focus back to Him with an unexpected question. He said, “ Why do you think I give you these new revelations?”


The question jolted my mind back to reality and I answered, “Because you are my teacher.” Then, ignoring my response He began saying, “why is it that when I teach people something, especially those who are considered teachers, they immediately start desiring to teach others what they are hearing? I don’t give you new revelations so that you can immediately start teaching others; I give them to you so you can be transformed. If you neglect this purpose and go directly to teaching others, you will not be transformed into the image of Christ but be puffed up, proud of your new found understanding. This is the reason so many leaders have fallen or fail to mentor others to have a true relationship with Jesus. They fail to be transformed and so teach out of knowledge instead of a transformed life.”


Holy Spirit then began to admonish me not to short circuit the process. He began telling me not be so eager to teach what He had recently given me, but allow the truth to have its way. Allowing the revelation to fulfill the task for which it was given, allowing it to transform me more and more into the very image of Christ.


Please don’t misunderstand me. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t to teach others, but we need to allow the revelation to become who we are. The word must become flesh in our lives in order for it to be able to transform the lives of others. It is the image of Christ others must see when we teach and not our own intellect.

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