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Power of Perspective

A few years ago the Lord had me buy a plasma ball, a globe filled with a noble gas and with a high-voltage electrode in the center. When you plug them in and turn them on plasma filaments extend, like bolts of lightning, from the electrode to the inner surface of the glass. To me it always looked like a source of ultimate power; a nuclear reaction going off inside the globe. Anyways, He had me buy this plasma ball and then told me to place it in front of me, turn it on, and sit there and watch.

Plasma globe

So that’s exactly what I did. Hours upon hours at a time, for months, I sat there in a dark room staring at this electrical reaction, this ultimate power. Gradually Holy Spirit began teaching, showing me something, changing my perception. He allowed my awe of what I was seeing grow as my imagination went wild with the power I believed I was viewing,. My mind roamed to the point I imagined the reaction within that globe was like the reaction occurring in the sun. At that moment He reined my mind in and began refocusing my vision. He began showing me that it was a great power He wanted to show me, but not in the globe. The globe was just there to represent the great power that is found, not in the sun but in the Son. I began to look at the globe and this time instead of seeing it on the table in front of me I saw the reaction going off within me! It was as if I was looking at those bolts of plasma shooting out of my body from deep with me. I began to see the reality of Christ in me, the same Spirit that generated the power to raise Christ from the dead was in me and radiating out of me!

I was fascinated and in awe of what I was seeing. Every day I would sit and stare at that globe and every day I saw that same image of the power deep within me. I began seeing it grow bigger and more intense, shooting out of me with a greater ferocity until I could feel it gushing out of every cell in my body. During this time others would come around me and comment about “what they felt” when they were around me. Some had no idea what it was; others knew it was the Spirit of God. People would weep as Holy Spirit’s presence brought their Daddy’s love, others would get healed, and some just felt peace.

So why am I telling you this story? Its simply because I want you to take the time to look in a different direction, to change your perspective. It’s easy to focus on the difficulties of life that seem to be in your face all day every day. Those troubles that shout in your ear demanding your attention, demanding that you spend your time focusing on them. But I’m here to tell you that Holy Spirit is gently saying, “Hey, look over here for a minute.” He wants you to gaze deep into your spirit and see the enormous source of power within you; it’s the Christ in you!

Another little fact Holy Spirit taught me early on; you empower the thing you focus on. So many times in our attempts to defeat the enemy, to get the breakthrough we need, we focus on the problem trying to control it. We feel if we put forth enough energy, if we pay it enough attention, then we can fix the problem. The truth is that the more you focus on the problem, the more power you give it to control your life. Change your perspective! Focus on the ultimate power source that is contained deep within you, focus on Christ and His finished work. As you begin focusing on Him and the reality that He has already provided whatever it is you need, then you will find that your environment will begin to change. You will begin seeing the provisions of God’s Kingdom manifest in your life. You will also begin to discover that within you is also the power to change the environment of those around you. Your eyes will be unveiled to the reality that with the fullness of Christ in you, there is nothing you that can stand against you. With Christ in you, you are invincible!

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  1. The Lord is teaching me this same lesson.

  2. Reblogged this on fuzzypebble and commented:
    I like the absolute aspect of the power God places within us, and then must get us to look where He sees, the answer He desires in you.

  3. love this! i love hearing how God works through any avenue to teach His kids! it’s a great reminder to change our perspective to see the truth of how He works…
    it was pure delight 🙂

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